On The Move – 26.5.21

Issue 11: on the benefits of cycling, cross-border bike-sharing system and "falling" price of electric vehicles

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Research & Policy

Electromobility & AVs

  • The idea of a self-driving taxi fleet might sound sexy, but for some time now it is all we are going to have. As Uber and Lyf had stopped investing in its development, the industry appears to be stagnating, rather than going forward. We should rather invest the resources into transport solutions which worked and be sure that the innovation will really improve our lives as a whole, otherwise, it’s useless, as pointed out by Zeina Naizer, Co-Founder of Cities FORUM.

  • According to a new study made by Transport & Environment, electric vehicles and vans in the light segment will be cheaper to make in 2027 than fossil-fuel vehicles 👇

Daniel’s Pick ☕️

  • Electric cars are gaining popularity, but there are still doubts about the range. This brings some additional logistic issues to be solved when planning a road trip. Wiebe Wakker drove in EV from Netherland to New-Zeland. It took him a while but he definitely shows that EVs are not only for short daily commutes. you could check his route and discover more about the project here!

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