On The Move – 12.6.2021

Issue 14: e-scooters, public transport and safety| surprising poll for BMW or changing relationship between cars, pandemic and millennials| Enjoy the new On The Move!

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  • To effectively implement shared e-scooters, integration with public transport is a must, according to the research 💡

  • ‼️And based on another study from Voi, the Swedish e-scooter sharing company, there was a 35% increase in rail tickets purchased by Voi users who ended their journeys at Bad Cannstatt station. Integrating e-scooter services with a city’s public transport network can, as we see, boost train ticket sales. Kudos! 🙏

  • Google Maps 🗺 has started showing micro-mobility options in their route planner. Right now, it is TIER and the Donkey Republic and in selected cities, but something is telling me that the others will join the train soon!

  • The city of Helsinki 🇫🇮 has just introduced research to map cycling infrastructure by inviting cyclists 🚴 to collect data on the street conditions and even earning some money. The cyclist will be recording the route, and artificial intelligence will be used to identify damage that must be repaired. KUDOS 🙏

  • And the city of Turku (Finland) starts to cooperate with shared e-scooter operators to ensure safe urban traffic!

  • Lastly, the interesting fact for the end – every 3 minutes, one e-bike is being sold!

Research & Policy

  • BMW has asked people on Twitter on Word Environment Day 🌎 their favourite mode to move around town and still be environment-friendly. I guess that the results come as a surprise for people in Munich. The most favourite mode according to the poll is PUBLIC TRANSPORT while the second worst is “MY SUSTAINABLE BMW”.

  • Pandemic has triggered a shift in millennials attitudes to cars‼️ While there was growing evidence that the generation of millennials tends to own fewer cars than the previous generation, this might not be completely true now. As public transport was and still is partly seen as unsafe, the EY survey of 3,300 consumers in nine countries found that 32% of non-car owners plan to get a car 🚙 in the next six months and around half of those are millennials.

  • Does e-scooters 🛴 help tourists to get around and spend at attractions? That was a question of the research team at Griffith University’s Cities Research Institute, who conduct a survey of Townsville tourists between December 2020 and February 2021.

    The results 👇

    • e-scooter sharing schemes are a convenient and enjoyable way for tourists to explore a city

    • many users are traveling 26 km or more on e-scooters while in town

    • e-scooters assist tourist dispersal

    • e-scooter use encourages tourist spending.

Electromobility & AVs

  • Shift to electric cars is coming faster than expected, study shows 👈

    Global electric vehicle supremacy will arrive by 2033 – five years earlier than previously expected – as tougher regulations and rising interest drive demand for zero-emission transportation.

  • Few newsletters ago, I’ve informed you about self-driving pizza delivery 🍕 in Houston, USA. Other players, concretely Yandex Self-Driving Group in partnership with Grubhub, have decided to demonstrate the benefits of robotics for everyday life – they self-driving robots will be doing the food-delivery at US College 🏫 Campuses.

Daniel’s Pick ☕️

  • Thanks to my grandparents, who are train enthusiasts, I’ve spent most of my summer holidays as a child zigzagging 🚞 Europe with trains. No wonder that taking a Trans-Siberian railway is on my bucket list. Check out this photo 📸essay which documents the journey only this train could offer!

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