On The Move – 12.4.21

Issue 8

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Research & Policy

  • Sydney continues with the integration of public transport service with new shared mobility services and plans to launch a new feature that will allow all Opal cardholders (public transport card) to pay for Lime, Uber and Ingogo. And top of that is, that all users will receive credit back if they will use public transport within 60 minutes after using shared mobility services. The aim is to support people from locations, which are poorly integrated within the public transport network 👏

  • Does transport help people to gain employment? this 👉 meta-analysis has some answers to that.

  • A new report from the UK based on the panel survey of 6000 people sums up the travel adaptations related to covid-19. Unsurprisingly, it demonstrates that 36-56 % of people walk more, that the car commute has not reached (yet?) the pre-pandemic level 👍. However, there is a risk for public transport development will be caught in the vicious cycle due to less ticket revenue.


  • While electric cars are clean while driving, their production is not only environmentally costly. Polestar, the Swedish car manufacturer has announced its plans to make the whole supply chain reduce emission during the whole manufacturing 🌿

Daniel’s Pick ☕️

  • There is a lot going on in terms of evaluating how much our lives have changed due to covid-19. This article is a must-read sum-up!

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